Thursday, 5 February 2015

Animals in Winter: A Watercolour Provocation!

Over the last month, our students have been inquiring about animals in winter. We have been reading many fiction and non-fiction books, watching videos, and using our prior knowledge to help us investigate their wonders including, "how do birds fly to warmer places?" "how do bats sleep upside down?" and "why does rabbits fur turn white in winter?" As students ask questions and share their wonders, we as educators, create opportunities for them to explore through 
hands-on learning experiences. 

Our animals in winter watercolour provocation allows for both educators and students to slow down and appreciate the process of learning. Students spend long periods of time drawing, outlining, and painting their pictures, which gives educators the time to observe, document, and listen to the students ideas and theories. 

The following video captures the patience, focus, and attention to detail that one student demonstrates  during her time at the animals in winter watercolour provocation. 

"Every child is an artist."

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Kindie Korner Turns One!

One year ago today, I made my first blog post on Kindie Korner! 19,000 views and 16 posts later, I couldn't be more proud of myself for deciding to share my journey with all of my followers, family, and friends! To say I made the decision alone, would be far from true. There are many people who I have to thank for motivating, inspiring, and guiding me to make this decision. It seems only fitting to thank them today, not only because it marks my blogs first birthday, but more importantly because it is International Friendship Month, Family Day, and the month of love! 

My parents are my biggest fans and I am forever thankful for all they have done for me. They have supported me both emotionally and financially through my schooling and career, they have celebrated all my accomplishments, and they have believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Without them I would not be where or who I am today. Their unconditional love for me and the joy in their faces when I share my successes with them are what keeps me going on the days that I want to give up.

I am also very grateful for my sister Priscilla, who has been my biggest role model from day one. I literally walked in her footsteps, following her to Ryerson University to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education, to Teacher's College to complete my Bachelors of Education, and into the same field of ECE, that we are both so passionate about. She has accomplished so much before my eyes and has always been there to see me through mine. Whether it is attending my students' graduation or spring concerts, or helping me clean my classroom before the school year starts, 
she is always there cheering me on.

My boyfriend Shaz, not only created my Kindie Korner logo and blog, but also gave me the confidence to share my work, ideas, and learning with others. Even with his demanding schedule as a Story Board Artist for Blue Sky Studios, he always makes time to support me- from filming and editing my videos, to creating my business cards and keeping up to date with my blog posts. I am so grateful to have someone in my life who not only supports my career, but also encourages me to be the best version of myself. 

Among all the wonderful colleagues and friends that I network with through various forms of social media, workshops, and courses, I have one in particular that has influenced my professional practice and challenged my thinking as an educator and lifelong learner. Joanne has truly inspired me to reach new heights in my professional journey. Since visiting her classroom during an Open House two years ago, following her blog, having her as my Regional Teacher during Building Blocks for Kindergarten, taking her Kindergarten AQ courses through York University, and joining her Connected Through Inquiry Network, I have learned so much from her and am so grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. I look forward to collaborating with her later this month on a blog post!

Here's to many more years of sharing, learning, and growing together on Kindie Korner!