Thursday, 5 February 2015

Animals in Winter: A Watercolour Provocation!

Over the last month, our students have been inquiring about animals in winter. We have been reading many fiction and non-fiction books, watching videos, and using our prior knowledge to help us investigate their wonders including, "how do birds fly to warmer places?" "how do bats sleep upside down?" and "why does rabbits fur turn white in winter?" As students ask questions and share their wonders, we as educators, create opportunities for them to explore through 
hands-on learning experiences. 

Our animals in winter watercolour provocation allows for both educators and students to slow down and appreciate the process of learning. Students spend long periods of time drawing, outlining, and painting their pictures, which gives educators the time to observe, document, and listen to the students ideas and theories. 

The following video captures the patience, focus, and attention to detail that one student demonstrates  during her time at the animals in winter watercolour provocation. 

"Every child is an artist."

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  1. I love how we can show the talents of 4, 5 and 6 year olds. Beautiful and really shows the patience allowed for in a kindergarten class.