Monday, 8 January 2018

Math Talk Monday: Tenzi!

Happy New Year! 

As much as I love posting to Kindie Korner, I never seem to have enough 'time' to keep up with all the ideas that I would love to share with you. With that being said, I do post more regularly to Instagram and Twitter and hope that you can follow along there! 

I recently posted an Instagram Story about a math game that I am currently playing during our small group lessons, called Tenzi! I took a poll and asked my followers if they have ever played it before- 61% of followers answered no. 

This gave me the idea to challenge myself to share how to play math games like Tenzi and other math related ideas and resources on a more regular basis. And since it's Monday- Math Talk Monday is it! 

I learned how to play Tenzi with the YRDSB Early Years Math Consultant, Heather Jelley, a few years back at my Kindergarten Additional Qualification Course, and later introduced the game to my kindergarteners, who absolutely love it to this day! 

Materials: 10 dice of the same colour for each player 
(i.e., 10 red dice for player one, 10 blue dice for player two, etc.) 
*I sometimes add ten-frames to help students track how many dice they have rolled and how many more they need to make 10.

How To Play: Each player rolls all ten dice at the same time. Students can choose a number they want to collect (i.e., 5) or they can use the number they roll the most on their first roll (i.e., player one rolls four 3's, so 3 becomes the number they collect). As you roll the dice, you collect your number in the ten-frame (or in a line). Once you have collected all ten dice of the same number, you call out "Tenzi!" to show you have finished. 

Curriculum Connections: taken from The Kindergarten Program
  1. 15.3  make use of one-to-one correspondence in counting objects and matching groups of objects 
    15.5  subitize quantities to 5 without having to count, using a variety of materials (e.g., dominoes, dot plates, dice, number of fingers) and strategies (e.g., composing or decomposing numbers)
    15.6  use information to estimate the number in a small set (e.g., apply knowledge of quantity; use a common reference such as a five frame; subitize) 
    20.1  demonstrate an understanding of number relationships for numbers from 0 to 10, through investigation (e.g., show small quantities using fingers or manipulatives)
Early Number Concepts and Strategies: taken from YRDSB

Conservation, Subitizing, One-to-One Correspondence  

If you are one of the 61% who have not played Tenzi, I encourage you to try it out - you and your students won't be disappointed! 

Here's to many more Math Talk Monday's! 

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